Course Costs
​​​​​​​Support your students' education by paying their course costs

Base Donation
This provides for the educational, cultural, sporting and social activities, prizes and sundry expenses on behalf of the students as approved by the Board of Members. Donations are as follows:

$95 for one student

$140 for two or more from one family.

Elective Parent Charges
Payment options for course costs

  • Parent Portal
  • Direct credit (provide student ID as a reference)
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Eftpos
  • Credit Card (1.8% surcharge applies)
  • Transfer from credit balance
  • Automatic Payments

Mount Maunganui College Account 12-3486-0032080-02

If you have any queries regarding course costs email

International Students
Please see our International page and international fees