Host Family Stories

Clark Family - Rob, Nicola, Morgan, Cameron and Elliot 

We had heard about the College International student department and when we saw the people involved, we wanted to sign up.  We felt that we could offer an excellent New Zealand home / family environment that students would never forget. 

We have had eight students stay with us so far and we have enjoyed having them all. We have gained more knowledge about  Brazil, Germany, Belgium and Italy.  We’ve even expanded our international language skills by learning a few words and phrases…badly.

We also think it’s great for our own children’s development, where they interact and mix with different personalities and nationalities which pushes their own boundaries.

At the end of every students' trip, it is hard as we have to say goodbye, which often ends in tears because of the friendships and memories made...but with technology today, we can stay friends for life.

Below - Andrea, Kasi and the Clark family


"I probably used all my luck to meet such sweet people.  They really treated me like their own child" - Jiaxin (Davy) from China


"They are such an amazing family!  I could talk with them about everything, they are funny, caring and kind" - Smilla from Germany


"I think I had the best host family that I could have.  They are really supportive and helpful.  They are truly here for us...I really feel apart of their life" -  Jade from France


"For me personally, I could not have imagined a better host family.  I went on so many trips with them and they gave me so many new experiences.  I enjoyed every single day with them" -  Finn from Germany