Gifted & Talented

Gate School Policy

Some examples of enrichment/ extension

In addition to in-class topic choices and extension tasks there are many competitions arising out of subject areas (e.g. Model United Nations; Young Innovators’ Award; Debating). There is also a multitude of extra-curricular clubs, teams, and competitions (e.g. Future Problem Solving; writing; student newspaper; community service projects). The school fosters leadership from junior level and becoming a Year 13 student leader (for a range of student-led councils, including kaupapa Maori, Sports, Arts, and Community Service) is highly sought after. 

Some MMC students are offered individual academic pathways because of their exceptional academic abilities.


  • A student may be advanced in a single subject, based on exceptional results and most commonly in senior mathematics or a science (biology, chemistry, physics). This is always carefully considered and in consultation with the student; caregivers; the year level Deans; and the staff involved.
  • At Year 13 the highest academic achievers are offered university papers (via distance learning) for extension. Each year from one to six students take up this offer. The most popular papers are in mathematics; philosophy; economics; history; and classics. These papers generally come from Canterbury and Waikato Universities. There is a cost to the student and a staff member in the subject area is a support person for the student.
  • A gifted student may study a subject that is not offered at the college via correspondence, provided he/she meets the Ministry of Education criteria.
  • A student may be offered one or more additional NCEA achievement standards in a subject, particularly if the student needs extra depth for the university course he/she plans to take.
  • The highest achieving students in Year 13 subjects can take the Scholarship examination in addition to the Level 3 external exam. These students typically sit from one to three Scholarship exams.
  • Twice exceptional students (intellectually gifted students who have a learning and/or physical disability) may have individual programmes (IEPs). This is arranged in consultation with any external agencies involved; the student; caregivers; and the SENCO staff.

Other extension and enrichment curriculum-centred programmes offered by the College include the application-only Sports Performance Class for students with the potential to become élite athletes; and the Elite Performing Arts class.

Contact: the Gate Facilitator: Dinah O’Meara [email protected].