Day of Adventure

Imagine a giant, nine-foot-tall, inflatable hamster ball. Now add water and a huge hill, and put three screaming girls inside. What do you get? Zorbing! My host family took me and their other student to Rotorua over the weekend, and we did just that. We all put on our bathing suits and hopped inside a zorb together for the ride of a lifetime. The employee gave us the signal, and we pushed off the edge of the incline. We instantly lost control, but that didn’t matter at all. We slipped and slid and screamed our way all the way to the bottom, where, still laughing, we opened the flap and fell out onto the ground.

After some souvenir photos, we headed off to the Rotorua mud pools. The bubbling pools let off a strong odor somewhat resembling the smell of a public toilet, but they were cool to look at anyway. We spent a while messing around on the playground before our host parents dropped us off at the Rotorua Aquarium, an indoor pool center. With three indoor pools and an outdoor play center, there was plenty to do. We spent most of the time inside because it was so cold outside, and the indoor pool was heated. We splashed and laughed and took pictures of each other for two hours before we got picked up again. We went back to the center of town and spent a while at the outdoor market, where we looked through all of the things the local people were selling. By that time, it was getting late in the day, so we had to get going again and drive back to Tauranga. We were all exhausted, so my sisters fell asleep on the way back. I just watched the scenery slide by outside the window as I reflected on one of my many amazing experiences.

Morgan Howe

September 2008