Basketball Kicks Off

This year we have 12 teams competing in the local TCBA Basketball League. 4 girls teams and 8 boys teams.  We are looking forward to a fantastic season, starting 10 May, and have some great talent on display.  We are always open to plenty of school support so come along to as many exciting games as you can.
Our Senior A and B Boys travelled to Te Awamutu this past Tuesday and played against their Senior A and B Boys teams for some pre-season training.  It was a great first run for our boys and a fun trip was had.  
The B boys finished with a draw of 72 all and the A Boys had a great win of 70-79 against a very strong Te Awamutu team.  It was a great tool to see where we are at, and what we all need to work on.
With this in mind, Rotorua Boys Senior A Team have requested a pre-season game against our Senior A Boys on Friday, 5 May at approx 5pm in our school gym.  We are looking at a great challenge as this is also a very strong team with a good history.  If you can, come along and watch, but do bear in mind that our gym has limited viewing space.
There will also be  a game of our Senior B Boys v our Yr 11 Development boys at 3:30pm in the gym.  This will be a great opportunity for some of our newer and younger players to come and see some great talent.
You can also keep up to date with Basketball information through the sports link on the website.
We will have some tournaments coming up throughout the season.  Some of these mean trips out of town, therefore, if you wish to support us in anyway, please get in touch with Jen Durham at [email protected] for ways you can help.
We are also looking for people who are keen to train as Basketball Referees.  If you are interested, please email Jen for further information.