Important Information for 2018




Monday 29 January

Anniversary Day


Tuesday 30 January 2018 — 9 till 12.30 pm — School Hall

Year 12 and 13 students confirm course with Year Level Deans — subjects missing (will show as blanks on the timetable) will be a clash and we will need to fix this by coming in on this day

(Bring your official Record of Achievement)

Any course changes will only be made with HOD approval.

Year 11 students with subject clash only need to come in (you will see a gap in your timetable). Check Moodle for gaps.


Wednesday 31 January — 8.30 am to 3 pm

Teacher Only Day


Thursday I February — 8.45 am till 3.10 pm

All Year 9 and 13 — Powhiri and Induction Activities


Friday 2 February — 8.45 am till 3.10 pm

All Year Levels attending school — following Friday's timetable


Check your 2018 timetable on Moodle on 22 January 2018

Log in using your username and password and check you timetable on the right of the screen. Unless you are Year 13 your timetable should have no gaps — gaps indicate a clash of subjects so you need to come and fix it. If you are in Year 12 Work Experience programme - you do not need to come and confirm courses.


Subject Fees

All 2017 subject fees must be paid to ensure you can take the subjects of your choice 2018. Failure to pay these fees will mean students cannot take any subject with a fee of more than $30.00.