Ady van der Beek – Deputy Principal

Ady oversees student transition, attendance, engagement and motivation. Ady, on behalf of our school, works with students, their parents, whānau to help new students develop a sense of belonging and the confidence to participate within our school context. Ady’s focus is on seeking to maintain students’ wellbeing and learning as they transition into our school. Ady also works with our contributing schools to align school values and culture in order to promote a seamless transition. He also develops specific support structures and approaches that are tailored to suit individual circumstances.

Ady is also in charge of monitoring students and ensuring they are making good progress by focusing on attitudinal competency-related factors such as student’s perseverance, intrinsic motivation, and attendance, as well as looking at their cognitive competency-related factors such as stanine levels in Reading, Comprehension and Mathematics. As a senior leader, Ady has leadership over the learning and pastoral care for all students in Year 13.