Russell Gordon - Principal

Russell Gordon has been in school-based education for over twenty years, and has teaching experience across single sex and co-educational settings. He is firm in his belief that every student should love learning, and that it is the responsibility of schools to seek to engage students in their learning. No child should feel excluded.

One of the core functions of twenty-first century education is "learning to learn in preparation for a lifetime of change", David Miliband 2003. This quote suggests that life in the 21st century is all about change where teenagers are faced with multiple choices and problems to be solved. If our young people lack the personal resources to thrive in such a context, then it is the job of education to help strengthen their ability to be good choosers, skilful problem-solvers, and powerful learners. Russell believes that one of his key roles as Principal of Mount Maunganui College is to help prepare teenagers to meet that change head on.

Russell's personal commitment is to give of his best for the students and staff of Mount Maunganui College. He looks forward to being part of the academic, cultural, and sporting journey of current and future students, and supporting them as they strive for "No Choice but Success."