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Check out the dates below to see when important events will be held





NZSS Beach Volleyball

3rd – 4th February


Student ID Photos

7th February


SLS Junior Eastern Regionals

10th – 11th February


Sports Co-Ordinators Meeting - Tauranga

13th February


School Athletics

15th February


BOPSS Volleyball – Seniors Day 1

16th February


BOPSS Volleyball – Seniors Day 2

17th February


Student ID Photo Catchup Day

22nd February


BOPSS Tennis - Papamoa

23rd February


BOPSS Volleyball – Seniors Day 3 and 4

24th – 25th February


Nissenko Visit

26th  February


Oceans 18 - Orewa

1st  March – 4th March


BOPSS Futsal - Tauranga

2nd March


NISS Rowing

2nd March – 4th March


BOPSS Volleyball – Seniors Day 5 and Finals

3rd – 4th March


GET 2 GO Challenge – Senior - BOP

6th March


BOPSS Athletics

6th March


School Swimming

9th March


BOPSS Touch Seniors

11th March


NZ Surf Lifesaving Championships - Gisborne

15th – 18th March


Summer Tournament Week

19th – 25th March


Rowing – Maadi Cup - Twizel

19th – 24th March


NZSS Waka Ama – Rotorua

20th  – 23rd March


National School Mountain Bike Championships - Rotorua

19th – 21st March


NZSS Volleyball Championships – Palmerston North

18th – 23rd March


NISS Senior Waterpolo Championships - Auckland

21st – 25th March


NISS U15/U19 7’s Rugby – Blake Park

22nd – 23rd March


NZSS 3x3 Basketball - Tauranga

21st – 24th  March


WBOP Athletics

24th March


NZSS Whitewater Kayaking - Hawea

24th – 28th March


BOPSS Golf – Lake View Rotorua

26th March


School Reunion

30th March – 1st April


BOPSS Multisport - Whakatane

2nd April


BOPSS Lawn Bowls – singles/pairs

5th  April


BOPSS Swimming - Taupo

6th April


NISS Athletics

6th April – 8th April


NISS Moto Cross

7th April


BOPSS Duathlon - Whakatane

10th April


BOPSS Round Mount Relay

12th April


NZSS Waterpolo Div 2 - Rotorua

14th – 21st April


NZSS Waterpolo Prem Boys & Girls - Wellington

19th April – 22nd April





Sports Co-Ordinator Meeting – Full region

8th May


NISS Swimming – Palmerston North

12th May


BOPSS Squash – Div 1 - Tauranga

16th May


BOPSS Badminton - Team

18th May


NZ Horse Trials - Taupo

19th May


BOPSS Cross Country - Waipuna

22nd May


BOPSS Golf - Kawerau

22nd May


BOP Squash Div 2 & 3

23rd May


BOPSS Badminton Junior - Tauranga

28th May


BOPSS Rockclimbing Seniors - Rocktopia

31st May


NZSS Multisport - Rotorua

3rd June


WAIBOPSS Cross Country - Taupo

6th June


BOPSS Badminton S Team Div 1

8th June


BOPSS Squash Team Div 1

12th June


BOPSS Gymnastics - Rotorua

15th June


BOPSS Badminton - Team

15th June


NZSS Cross Country - Taupo

16th – 17th June


BOPSS Squash Div 2 & 3

19th June


Sports Teams Photos

19th June


Sports Teams Photos Catchup day

20th June


BOPSS Indoor Bowls – Mount Maunganui

22nd June


NZSS Hillary Challenge

24th June


BOPSS Badminton Senior

25th June


NISS Indoor Bowls – Mount Maunganui

21st – 22nd July





Sports Co-ordinator Meeting - Tauranga

24th July


BOPSS Table Tennis QEYC

31st July


Get 2 Go Challenge Junior - Rotorua

2nd August


BOPSS Basketball Juniors - Tauranga

3rd August


BOPSS Skiing

6th August


Eagles Golf – Te Puke

6th August


Lynfield Sports Exchange

9th August


BOPSS Badminton Finals - Junior

10th August


BOPSS Sking (Rain Delay day)

13th August


BOPSS Table Tennis Snr/Jnr Team

14th August


BOPSS Badminton Finals - Tauranga

16th August


BOPSS Basketball Senior

17th August


NZSS Indoor Bowls

26th – 27th August


Winter Tournament Week

3rd – 9th September


NZSS Junior Hillsdene Football - Tauranga

3rd – 7th September


NZSS Trident Football – Palmerston North

3rd – 7th September


NZSS Girls Maurice Hulme Football - Rotorua

3rd – 7th September


UNISS Netball - Tauranga

3rd – 7th September


NZSS Hockey

3rd – 7th September


NZSS Basketball Schick Premiership

5th – 7th September


NZSS Basketball Junior Prem Zone 2 - Tauranga

1st – 4th September


NZSS Gym Sports – Rhythmic, Artistic, Aerobics

8th – 9th September



10th – 14th September


NZSS Swimming - Hamilton

14th – 16th September


NISS Skiing Championships

17th 19th September


NISS Snowboarding

24th – 26th September


NISS Mountain Biking

6th – 7th October


NZ National Scholastic Surfing Championships - TBC

8th – 12th October





Sports Co-Ordinators Meeting - Tauranga

16th October


Sports Awards Evening

17th October


BOPSS Junior Volleyball – Day 1 & 2 Tauranga

26th – 27th October


BOPSS Sevens - Juniors

2nd  November


BOPSS Sevens - Seniors

3rd November


BOPSS Junior Volleyball  - Day 3 & 4 Tauranga

3rd – 4th November


BOPSS Tennis Juniors - Papamoa

9th November


BOPSS Junior Volleyball – Day 5 and Finals

10th – 11th November


BOPSS Beach Volleyball

14th November


NISS Waterpolo Juniors - Auckland

22nd – 25th November


NISS Junior Volleyball Championships - Auckland

27th – 30th November


NZSS Athletics - Dunedin

30th  - 2nd December


NISS Junior Beach Volleyball Championships

1st December


NZSS Touch

7th – 9th December













Congratulations to our 3 teams (1 x All Girls, 2 x Mixed) that participated in the Get2Go Challenge held on Thursday 3 August in Rotorua.  A great day was held by students, parents and staff.  The teams competed in challenges involving Orienteering, Mountain Biking, Stand Up Paddleboarding and Rockclimbing.  They also had to strategize and come up with a plan how best to score maximum points for each event.

Our All girls team finished first in their division, a clear 58 points ahead of second placegetters Te Puke.  Our Mixed teams (4 female,4 male) placed 4th and 8th in the Mixed Premier Division.  

A great result considering the teams were up against schools who have been involved with this challenge over a number of years.




Best of luck to MMC student Veerle Ten Have who is heading overseas to train with the Dutch RS:X Youth team before she is off to the RS:X Youth Worlds in Italy, Lake Garda.  She then travels to Brittany, France to compete at the Techno293 Plus Worlds.

Click on link to read BOP Times article: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/bay-of-plenty-times/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503343&objectid=11865076



Charlee Bluck, Jorja Rangi, Ruby Bird, Kahlia Cullwick, Emma Dooney and Maddie Ford for placing 3rd

at the BOP Secondary Schools Rockclimbing Championships held at Rocktopia Tauranga on 31 May 2017

Rockclimbing 2017


Celebrating Success

We are always interested to hear about our young athletes who are achieving success in their sport. If you know someone, send us a writeup about their recent achievements. Achievements that are received before Wednesday morning will feature in the Bay of Plenty Times Thursday edition.

Email: sports@mmc.school.nz with your amazing athletic achievements



Check out the dates below to see when important events will be held

Term 1

Event Date
Class Photos 3rd Feb
NZSS Beach Volleyball 4 - 5th Feb
School Athletics 15th Feb
BOPSS Tennis 24th Feb
Japanese Hitachi Visit 24th Feb
BOPSS Volleyball 3rd - 4th March
Oceans Athletes 2nd - 4th March
BOP Athletics 7th March
NISS Rowing 10th - 12th March
BOPSS Volleyball 11th - 12th March
BOP Touch 12th March
Waikato BOP Athletics 12th March
NZ Surf Life Saving Championships 16th - 19th March
School Swimming Championships 21 March
NZSS Volleyball 26th - 31st March
NZSS Mountain Biking 27th - 29th March
NZSS Rowing Maadi Cup 27th - 1st March
Summer Tournament Week 27th - 31st March
NZ SS Waka Ama 28th - 31st March
NZSS Water Polo 28th - 1st March
NZSS Triathlon Championships 30th - 31st March
BOPSS Golf 4th April
NISS Athletics Championships 8th - 9th April
Round the Mount Relay 10th April
BOP Swimming 12th April

Term 2

Event Date
BOPSS Trampolining / Tumbling 12th May
NI SS Swimming 13th May
BOPSS Squash Division 1 and 2 16th May
School Cross-country Championships 18th May
BOPSS Futsal 19th May
BOPSS Squash Division 3 and 4 22nd May
BOPSS Cross-country 23rd May
BOPSS Golf 23rd May
BOP Junior Badminton 29th May
NZSS Multisport 4th June
Team / Group Photos 8th June
BOPSS Gymnastics 9th June
Polar Bear Plunge 21st June
NZSS Cross-country 17th June

Term 3

Event Date
NISS Road Cycling 8th July
Basketball Junior Baywide 4th August
Basketball Senior Baywide 11th August
BOPSS Skiing/ Snow Sports 14th August
Lynfield Sports Exchange 16th August
BOPSS Basketball 18th August
Eagles Golf 21st August
NZ SS Indoor Bowls 27th - 28th August
NZSS Basketball Junior 2nd - 5th September
NZSS Basketball Senior 6th - 9th September
Winter Tournament Week: Football, Netball, Hockey and Basketball 4th - 8th September
NZSS Rugby League 4th - 8th September
NZSS Swimming Champs 15th - 17th September

Term 4

Event Date
BOP Beach Volleyball 8th November
BOP Junior Tennis 10th November
BOPSS Volleyball Junior Finals 12 November
NISS Junior Volleyball 27th November - 1st December
NISS Junior Water Polo 23rd - 26th November
NZSS Athletics 1st December
NISS Junior Beach Volleyball 2nd December
Sports Awards TBC
Friends of the College TBC

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MOUNT MAUNGANUI proudly sponsoring MMC Sport - http://flexfitnessgym.co.nz/club-locations/mt-maunganui/


2016 Sport Awards

Mount Maunganui College Sport Awards were held Wednsday 19th October. To see who was recognised on the evening please click here.... MMC 2016 Sport Award Recipients


Sports Office News 2016 is back!

Click on the link below to see some of our Mount College students achievements over 2016

September 12th, 2016

August 29th, 2016

August 15th, 2016

August 2nd, 2016

July 4th, 2016

June 20th, 2016

May 31st, 2016

May 17th, 2016

May 4th, 2016

March 22nd, 2016

February 29th, 2016