Sports Procedures

The information provided on this page outlines the running of the Sports Department
If you have any questions regarding the information provided on this page please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Sports Procedures
MMC Sports Department offer procedures in the following areas.  If you require more information in any one of these areas please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]  We want to ensure that all those with an interest in sport are provided with transparent access to information.

  1. Co-curricular sports activity
  2. Procedures for all out of school activities
  3. Playing Uniform
  4. Behaviour Code
  5. Sports Uniform
  6. Notification of Parents / Consent form
  7. Billeting
  8. Transport
  9. Collection of Fees
  10. Procedure for Sports Trips / After match Functions
  11. Allocation and Collection of Uniforms
  12. Recognition of Student Achievement
  13. Charitable Trusts
  14. Procedures for Fundraising
  15. Procedures for Sponsorship
  16. Overseas Tours
  17. Appointment of Sports Coaches
  18. Watching Sports’ Events
  19. Staff Reimbursements
  20. Behavioural Guidelines
  21. Recognition of Fair play
  22. Supervision
  23. Accidents
  24. First Aid
  25. Police vetting of non-MMC sports coaches
  26. Staff Code of Conduct Involving Travel
  27. NZSS Census
  28. On and Off Season Guidelines
  29. Tournament Week Guidelines
  30. Entry Fees
  31. Sports Committee (SportsCOM)