Congratulations to Holly Sheaff (Gold - K1 Junior Girls, Silver - Down River Sprint Junior Girls) and Kahlia Cullwick (Gold - Down River Sprint Junior Girls and Silver - K1 Junior Girls)

NZCT NZ Secondary Schools White Water Kayaking Championships

We extend a warm invitation to come to the Bay of Plenty for this pinnacle event for school age white water kayakers. Included in the programme are the NZ Secondary Schools Canoe Slalom, DR, Boater Cross and Freestyle Events.

The final programme details will be updated in the next bulletin once numerical entries are received. Updated details and draft start lists will be available on once entries have closed.


Judging Courses – we encourage all athletes and supporters to attend this to be held at the Scout Hall on Sunday 9th April.

Boater Cross

This event has been added to the programme for the first time and will be held the same day at the Freestyle event. Details of the event will be given out at the Team Managers meeting. The event will be held on the Tarawera River.


• An entry form from each school, listing competitors, age and class is attached. This is to completed and emailed to

• If possible we would like an indication ASAP as to the numbers of competitors (numerical entry) and the likely classes e.g. K1W 2 U16, 1 U18 (Numerical entries)

• Entries close Friday 4th March. Payment by cheque must accompany the entry form or direct credit arranged (please make cheques payable to Canoe Slalom BOPPO Box 16-292 TAURANGA or Direct Credit Bank Account CSBOP 15 3973 0008846 00 with your school name as reference.

• Entry Fee $97.75 ($85 plus GST) per paddler

• All schools must be members of Canoe Slalom NZ – Club/School $11.50 ($10+GST) and, for schools, an additional $5.75 ($5.00+GST) per paddler

• Athletes from small schools may join with athletes from other schools, following the rules relating to brother/sister schools and areas as per CSNZ Secondary Schools rules. These teams are ineligible to accrue points to schools but can medal.

• Team Entries: Ideally these should be the same sex, age in the appropriate category however if for example you only had 3 competitors from your school, a female Second Bulletin/ Feb 2017 competitor, could race in a men’s team, in the age category of the oldest person in the team. Women can go into men’s teams but not vice versa.

• It is important that you list your paddlers in their classes and seed them from no 1 (Fastest) down. This will assist the numerical starting order. Should anyone withdraw before the competition please advise ASAP so start lists can be adjusted.

• A minimum of 3 starters are required to make a class / category exist, these entries must come from at least 2 different schools. Where this requirement is not satisfied those entrants will be moved up to the next age group.

• Late entries in any class (including teams) will only be accepted at the complete discretion of the organisers. There will be a surcharge of $20 for all late entries.


All Competitions JM = Junior Men –U14 JW = Junior Women-U14 IM = Intermediate Men- U16 IW = Intermediate Women-U16 SM = Senior Men -16 plus SW= senior women- 16 plus Notes: Age for all events is at 1 Jan 2017 i.e. juniors will still be 13 or under on 1st January 2017, Intermediate will be 14 and 15, seniors 16,17 or 18

Safety & Competency

Safety issues will be discussed in depth at the race briefing. However all competitors are to wear buoyancy vests and helmets whilst on the water. It is recommended suitable boating footwear is worn around the site and warm paddling gear and clothing carried.

Be prepared for all weather conditions at this time of year. Sunscreen (hopefully) and insect repellent are suggested. Individual Schools are responsible for their own group safety during practice sessions.

Competitors must display a suitable level of competency in the craft and category entered. If you have someone who can volunteer to help with safety please let us know.

Boat sharing & Scrutineering

The NZSS Nationals are run under the guidelines of the ICF rules and all boats will be scrutineered for compliance with ICF requirements regarding fixed buoyancy, end loops, weight and appropriate construction. Buoyancy vests and helmets must meet ICF requirements (2017 rules).

PLEASE NOTE THAT K1 AND C1 BOATS ARE NOW REQUIRED TO BE 9KG. ANY ADDED WEIGHTS TO BOATS MUST BE SECURELY FASTENED TO THE BOAT (IE NOT ABLE TO BE REMOVED, SO GLUED) Second Bulletin/ Feb 2017 Boat sharing is an individual school responsibility and whilst we appreciate this is necessary we reserve the right to disqualify athletes who can’t start the race within the allotted time. The Tauranga schools may be able to lend boats, especially DR boats.

Trophies and prizes

All individual competitors and schools should return cleaned trophies won by students at previous events for awarding at the prize giving. Please try and return earlier but if not these should be bought to the managers meeting. Please make sure they are engraved. A number of organisations have been approached regarding sponsorship and spot prizes. These will be awarded as spot prizes at the prize giving. Medals will be awarded to competitors gaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing. Where international competitors are in the top 3 placing, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd NZ competitor will also receive medals.


There is limited accommodation in Kawerau, but what is available is listed on the KDC website. We have booked accommodation at the venue and there maybe space for some paddlers to join up with other schools. If you require more information please contact the Event Co-ordinator, Liz Fowler,, ph 027 5482088.


CSBOP have arranged for a catered meal each night for all the paddlers, supporters and managers. The cost of this is $15pp per night. Please fill out the numbers requiring dinner on the entry form.

Assistance to the event

Each competing school will be required to provide officials for gate judging and / or timing. Full briefing and training will be provided.

Practice Day

Once entries have closed you will receive an email with your allocated practice times for Saturday 8th April and Sunday 9th April. Please email for any special


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