Pathways for Mount Maunganui College

Year 9

All students study the seven essential learning areas of the Arts (Music, Drama and Visual Art), Health and Physical Education, English, Languages (French, Maori), Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Technology (Computing, Food, Hard Materials, Soft Materials, Graphics). Support will be provided to students to improve their Literacy and Numeracy skills. In addition each Year 9 students chooses four option subjects. Each option will run for two terms.

Year 10

All students study a compulsory programme of English, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.
In addition each student chooses two subjects from the following list:

  • Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Music,
  • Technology - Soft Materials and Hard Materials, Home Economics, Graphics, Computing
  • Commerce
  • Languages - French*, Maori*,

*Languages are only available to students who have taken that Language in Year 9.

Senior School (Years 11, 12 and 13)

All senior students must undertake a full course of study made up of six subjects except those Year 13 students undertaking a full Level 3 NCEA course (five subjects) who will have study time allocated to them.

Multi Level Study

The senior school timetable is structured in such a way that students may study subjects selected from any of the levels (provided they have a background which would enable them to cope adequately).

Bursaries - Year 13

At the end of the year, Year 13 students may apply for a wide range of Bursaries that may be taken up when entering a tertiary level of education. These Bursaries range in value from $300 to $6,000.

Subject Selection/Pathways

CLICK HERE for the Subject Selection Video - This is a video to assist with subject selection.