Careers Counselling

Basic Understanding of Careers Counselling
Times have changed from the days when your parents or grandparents got a job straight from school or after a period of study or training and back then, it was one decision, one career for life! Now careers are changing and people face on-going, work and study transitions in a world that looks like the Career Development Model.

So get to know yourself:

  • What do I do well?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do others tell me about myself?
  • What do I enjoy doing and learning about?
  • What energises me?

Unfortunately, there is no magic test or career assessment which provide the perfect solution to your career dilemmas. However, there are some excellent resources which, when honestly and thoughtfully completed, provide a sound understanding of your strengths and preferences, interests, skills, values and possible career options. With the support of expert career counselling to interpret and make sense of the assessments then identify and develop career themes and new career combinations. This will facilitate decision making and enable you to set goals and take action.

So get started and find out all about you!