Steps to help Subject Selection

It is really important for you to think carefully and research the subjects before you choose. The following steps should help with this process:

Access your personalised Career Profile

  • Work through the structure of self discovery
  • Identify career ideas
  • Research each idea, including subjects recommended
  • Select your subjects from Year 10 through to Year 13

Assess your ability in possible subjects:

  • Look at your results, discuss with teachers and your parents and don't forget the value of hard work and persistence?
  • Check entry requirements

Think about how interested you are:

  • Do you really enjoy the subject or just like the teacher?
  • Don't just do what your friends are doing!

Requirements for Future career and study:

  • Check these out, be very careful here and don't narrow your options by dropping critical subjects especially Sciences, Maths and Social Sciences. 
  • Complete the Career Futures Interest game to build your Career Interest Profile.
  • Go to the Common Careers and Subjects pages and make sure you are taking the appropriate subjects.

Find out what subjects are like:

  • Talk to teachers
  • Talk to students who take the subject
  • Borrow a students book or folder and check out the content
  • Ask the student what they study and if they enjoy it.

Get help if you are stuck from:

  • Careers
  • Your Dean
  • Teachers
  • Parents

Update your Personal Career Profile:

  • Create your subject plan through to Year 13
  • Review your Subject plan yearly

In summary, option choice is determined by an evaluation of:

Looking inside yourself:

  • Ability - discuss with subject teachers and don't underestimate the effect of hard work, motivation and a committed effort.
  • Interest in, passion and enjoyment of the subject

External factors:

  • Subjects for future career flexibility
  • Broad educational value, enrichment and skills development
  • Mount Maunganui College's curriculum requirements
    • Year 11 compulsory English, Maths and Science (Highly recommended Social Science)
    • Year 12 English
    • Timetable lines, and how your choices fit
Invest your time now to make wise choices for a Positive Future

What can I do with my Degree or Subject

CLICK HERE to find information on possible career paths for some of the more popular subject areas.

Subjects/degrees have been grouped into the five Faculties at Victoria University. The subject areas and career opportunities listed are a guide only and should provide ideas.

The actual number of careers and job opportunities available at any one time would be too numerous to mention.
  • Architecture & Design
  • Commerce
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Market Research
  • Public Policy and Public Management
  • Tourism
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Art History
CLICK HERE to see options with your subject select from the subjects below to discover how best to use your degree.

Those studying for a combined degree might find it useful to look at more than one subject.
What do graduates do? contains information about the job destinations of recent graduates and diplomats.