The College uniform is seen as a positive way of enhancing the school climate so that each student can enjoy a sense of belonging and equality. Uniform regulations are drawn up in consultation with parents, staff and students. The correct school uniform must be worn on the way to and from school.

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Uniform Supplier:
NZ Uniforms
94 Elizabeth Street

Phone:  07 985 6213

Email:   tauranga@nzuniforms.com

Web:    www.nzuniforms.com

Payment Options

NZ Uniforms accepts Cash, Eftpos, Farmers Card, all major Credit Cards and WINZ payments. NZ Uniforms also offers finance through Gilrose Finance and have a ‘Uniform Club’ which is a great way to save for your uniform purchases.

NZ Uniforms - Uniform Club

It’s easy, set up an account and make automatic payments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) in advance and watch your balance grow. When you are ready to make your uniform purchases with NZU, your money is already available and waiting to be spent! Call or visit the store today to get started.

Parent Support Group Second Hand Uniform Sale

The College parent support Group runs a second-hand uniform sale each year.