Expectations and Values

We expect that our students will...

  • Take responsibility for their actions and learning
  • Be respectful, be prepared, be on time
  • Arrive ready to learn and try their best
  • Be proud of their school
  • Be in uniform
  • Complete Class work and homework
  • Behave and Speak appropriately
  • Follow their class room expectations
  • Feel safe and cared for
  • Be encouraged and challenged
  • Take pride in their achievements
  • Work co-operatively
  • Show integrity and honesty in all that they say, think and do.

Mount Maunganui College will be a safe environment for all by promoting Respect, Integrity, Co-operation and Honesty. These expectations apply to all students and all staff. Click here to see our values poster.

Mount Maunganui College believes in restorative practices which involves understanding that harm has been done to people and relationships. We understand that when harm occurs, it creates obligations for those involved. Our intent is to focus on repairing the harm and making things right.

Mount Maunganui College is a Positive Behaviour for Schools (PB4L) school which is a Ministry of Education initiative. Our school has a set of value/expectations we expect our staff and students to abide by.

Our school is a member of a Coastal Cluster of schools who have adopted the same values so our students learn at primary school, intermediate school and the college this ensuring these values are well understood.